HCUND Ambassador’s Ball

I was the developer for the Hospitality Committee of United Nations Delegations (HCUND) Ambassador’s Ball website. Every year, the HCUND hosts an event to raise money to help the families of United Nations delegates resettle in New York. The website involved building a fully-functional silent auction in PHP and WordPress, integrating with WooCommerce and the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction plugins, to make a heavily customized, HTTPS-secured, e-commerce flow for HCUND donors and administrators.

I am the site developer for, a parody crowdfunding campaign website. I came on as developer after the site was created, but have since implemented numerous features to the responsive, WordPress-backed PHP code. Those features include adding reward tiers, adding author pages, changing the currency on articles to be any currency, and adding Google Ads. is the landing page for Botnik, a tech/comedy collective of writers and developers who use artificial intelligence as a writing tool. I am the website developer for, responsible for building this page in WordPress to give Botnik the content management system (CMS) necessary to show off all their creations.

This Very Website is the website you are viewing right now. By reading this text, you have started a recursive loop impossible to break out of. Let me know when you hit a stack overflow exception.