Pointless Appliance

Pointless Appliance is my current team for BoogieManja’s for the past two seasons. We have monthly half-hour shows at the PIT Loft. You can see all the Pointless Appliance sketches I’ve written here.

Together, Pointless Appliance has been an official selection for the Toronto SketchFest and SketchFest Seattle.

Below are some highlights of sketches I have written for my team:

Bold Lip

Bold Lip was my team for BoogieManja’s all-digital Season 8. We had monthly half-hour shows of all digital, pre-recorded sketches. You can see all the Bold Lip sketches I’ve written here. Below are some highlights of sketches I have written, edited and directed for the team:

Old Girl!

I joined my first BoogieManja team, Old Girl mid-season in 2019. We had monthly shows at the People’s Improv Theatre until the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the season halfway through. There are no videos of my sketches due to mix-ups with the recordings, but I swear they did happen.