Grant does film. He enjoys writing, directing and doing cinematography. He has anĀ IMDb, which is pretty rad.


Grant directed and filmed the sketch Love In The City written by McKenna Foster.


Grant directed photography for the sketch Strawbury Gardens by Alex & Kendall.


Grant directed and filmed the webseries Alt Wrong, a parody talkshow, written and starring Will Poznan.

Grant was cinematographer for Kitchen Blues, directed by Sarah Nixon.

(Video currently locked for submission to festivals. Contact me personally for the password.)


Analogs is a Grant’s student film made in college. It’s an abstract critique about the way social media and technology affect our interactions. Shot on 16mm film. It almost was considered for possibly winning an award.


Grant has also shot footage for several videos for Malinda Reese (Google Translate Sings).


Grant’s first real experience in film was as a crew member on the set of This Is A Webseries, where he was assistant director and a host of other jobs.